Speleoclub “Burgas-NEPIAST” was founded in 1994 in the city of Burgas as a direct descendant of the former caving club “Strandja” originating from the far year of 1962. His creator and first chairman was Venko Stoyanov Velitchkov. The name “NEPIAST” is an abbreviation of the Bulgarian words for Science(Nauka), Ecology(“Ekologia”), Nature(Priroda), History(Istoria),Archeology(Arheologia), Sport(Sport), Tourism(Turizm). Another reason for choosing this abbreviation was that NEPIAST anagram can be arranged as SAPIENT.

The club main activities include cave research all over the country and abroad focusing in the regions close to the city of Burgas: the mountains Strandja and Sakar and the Kotel part of the Balkan Mountains. During the years the club members participate in a number of research expeditions in the country and abroad including: France, Spain, Russia, Albania, Greece,Ukraine, Turkey, Central America, etc. They also take part in archeological,biological and geological explorations and other scientific research activities.

The Speleoloclub is regularly represented in all national caving events and initiatives organized by the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology and other Speleology clubs from around the country.

The main principle driving the club’s activities is the protection of the environment and considering this all the members pass an obligatory environment and ecology training. As the only representative of the speleology in the city of Burgas the club aims to protect and popularize it around the city community.

The club works in close cooperation with the Bulgarian Federation of Speleology, Buras Municipality, The Regional Museums in Burgas,The Strandja Nature Park and a number of environmental NGOs from the country and abroad.